JPaaS development is funded by compatibleOne.

The concept of PaaS requires changes in traditional application servers to meet inherent needs :
  • Resource sharing
  • Automation
  • Elasticity
  • Usage billing (pay as you go)


Why move to JPaaS?

Beneficts of PaaS


What's multitenancy ?

“Many parties shared same set of resources, while giving each one his own space”*. A tradeoff between Sharing and Isolation.

» See Multitenancy in JOnAS

Several multitenancy levels can be considered :
  1. Shared infrastructure : Hardware might be shared (Virtualization / Cloud).
  2. Shared operating system : One JVM/JOnAS per tenant.
  3. Shared applications server : One application instance per tenant.
  4. Shared application : One application for all the tenants.

Beneficts of PaaS

* WSO2 Inc. - Multi-Tenant SOA Middleware for Cloud Computing July 2010 - Srinath Perera, Ph.D., Architect.