JOnAS v5


JOnAS 5 is now Java EE certified. You can download it from here.


OSGi based

JOnAS 5 is designed with an OSGiTM based services architecture to provide a dynamically adaptable application server.

  • OSGi based services architecture: JOnAS is a set of OSGi bundles, technical services are OSGi services
  • Modularity and extensibility: the new server architecture makes it easy to replace a service implementation or to add a new service
  • Dynamic configuration: services can be started, stopped, reconfigured at runtime

Java EE

  • EJB3 support thanks to the EasyBeans lightweight, efficient, modular and easy to use container; any JPA implementation easily pluggable (already validated: Xplus, Hibernate, TopLink Essential, OpenJPA
  • Java EE Web container support with both Tomcat 7/6 and Jetty 8/6
  • JMS: JOnAS 5 is integrated with JORAM 5, the Open Source implementation of JMS (Java Messaging Service), through a Java EE connector
  • JOnAS technical services provide all Java EE required resources and features: web container (Tomcat or Jetty), web services, security (JAAS, JACC, certificates, and LDAP support), transaction support and distributed transaction coordination (through JOTM), Java EE connectors support (including connections management), Mail access, several RMI protocols (IIOP, JRMP, IRMI) support through CAROL...


  • Full featured clustering framework at HTTP level and EJB levels
  • Easy and dynamic clustering with CMI V2
    • Multi-protocols support (RMI/JRMP, RMI/IRMI and RMI/IIOP)
    • POJO load-balancing algorithms
    • Dynamic cluster parameters for large scale deployment : hot deployment of the cluster logic, update from jonasAdmin console
    • Common solution proxies based for EJB2/EJB3


  • Management: JMX based, advanced web console, featured for configuration, deployment, monitoring of servers, domains and clusters
  • Advanced management tool with JASMINe (design/deploy, error detection, performance tracking, self-management).