JOnAS contributors page

bull-200.png Bull is the main contributor of the JOnAS open source application server. Bull is an international IT group that specialises in designing, developing and implementing secure IT infrastructures. Bull is dedicated to helping customers transform their processes and infrastructures in order to take full advantage of information technology to drive their market growth. To reach this objective, Bull provides a complete offer that includes not only IT services, from consulting to systems integration and outsourcing but also the design and development of infrastructure solutions, with particular emphasis on servers, storage and secure management software. Bull has gained strong recognition in the major economic sectors, such as, the public sector, finance, industry and telecommunications.
francetelecomrd-200.jpg France Telecom R&D is the France Telecom's Research and Development lab for innovation and service creation. France Telecom R&D is contributing to JOnAS EJB containers and persistence management. France Telecom R&D is the initial developer for JORM (Java Object to Relational mapping) used for JOnAS CMP2 support and for SPEEDO (JDO implementation). Francetelecom R&D will also provide an EJB3 persistence (JPA) implementation.
inria-200.gif INRIA is the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control. It is a scientific and technological institute operating under the dual authority of the Ministry of Research and the Ministry of Industry. INRIA is contributing to the JOnAS certification and to many innovative aspects (through its research labs).
lifl-200.jpg  The "Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale de Lille" is contributing to JOnAS some tools about deployment (FDF) and monitoring (Thread Management Framework). This work is partially funded by the S4ALL European ITEA project.
lsd-200.jpg  The Distributed Systems Lab LSD at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid is developing the clustering component for JOnAS. The clustering component provides high availability and fault-tolerance for J2EE applications. It performs transparent failover for J2EE clients. That is, if the client is connected to a J2EE replica and it fails, the client stub automatically discovers a new replica and connects automatically to it transparently to the client. Unlike many existing approaches to J2EE clustering JOnAS clusterings always provides transactional consistency even in the advent of failures. The LSD has completed the first implementation of a suite of replication protocols for JOnAS and it is available from JOnAS 4.8. The LSD is working in new replication protocols and will start to work soon on autonomic computing protocols for JOnAS.
orientware-200.png  OrientWare is a not-for-profit consortium Initiated by BeiHang University (BHU), Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Science (ISCAS), National University of Defense Technology (NUDT), and Peking University (PKU), which aims at integrating the results of the Chinese 863 projects in the domain of middleware, OrientWare intends to disseminate its scientific research results via Open Source as the major channel to increase collaboration between academy and industry in the domain of middleware. Within the framework of the cooperation between ObjectWeb and OrientWare, some OrientWare members like the Peking University are contributing to the JOnAS project. It has been recently decided to merge the application server projects from ObjectWeb (JOnAS) and PKU (PKUAS).
pku.png  PeKing University (PKU) is one of the best universities in China. It is co-founder and member of the OrientWare consortium, and developing the PKUAS application server. Since beginning of 2006, PKU is contributing to JOnAS on clustering aspects.
unifor-logo-200.gif Universidade de Fortaleza. As part of our ObjectWeb initiative here at Unifor, we have just found an ObjectWeb research group/lab whose main focus is on the J2EE architecture, particularly EJB, web services and cluster-based technologies. Our research activities started "officially" in Sept. 2006 and we are responsible for implementing a new Group Communication (GC) layer for the JOnAS 5 clustering architecture. 
scalagent-200.jpg ScalAgent Distributed Technologies is a startup company spin-off from INRIA and Bull, which aims at developing and market advanced mediation solutions for large-scale Internet business infrastructure and applications.Scalagent is the main developer and integrator for JORAM (Java Open Reliable Asynchronous Messaging).
serli.png Serli is a french IT service company. Serli provides IT consulting, on-site service, training & technical expertise across diverse markets including financial services, energy and utilities, industry, distribution and transport and the public sector. Serli engineers contribute to innovative Open Source projects in the field of customer's needs.