EJB3 Persistence

EJB3 Persistence

PKU has implemented an EJB3 persistence layer (JPA) for PKUAS EJB container. They have been using the EasyBeans test suite for validation, and have raised some issues in the suite. The PKU EJB3 persistence layer has been integrated to EasyBeans at PKU, and is currently tested by JOnAS team. A new project for OW2 has been set up, named xplus. Some more testing has to be investigated (JPA TCK, Open JPA and Hibernate tests ? ...). \

Meeting August 8th: an xplus jar package will be provided to Florent.


Lin LiangPKUlinliang04 at sei.pku.edu.cn
Florent BenoitBullFlorent.Benoit at bull.net

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