Development process

Development process

This group is in charge of refining the development process.


Cao DonggangPKUcaodg at
Liu ZongfuCVICSEliu_zfu at
Benoit PelletierBullBenoit.Pelletier at
Florent BenoitBullFlorent.Benoit at

This group could provide a wiki page specifying shortly the development process. First input was

  • Most of the technical discussions are done on the mailing list
  • Specification are published on the project wiki (currently the JOnAS wiki)
  • Detailed workplan is published on the wiki
  • Developers are working on the SVN repository and provide associated unit tests which are added to the tests suite
  • Maven 2
  • use JIRA as project management software tool (already available at forge.ow2.jira)
  • use the IRC or
  • Fisheye (to browse SVN/CVS)
  • Continuous integration: have to choose among cruise control, continuum (maven2), bamboo (atlassian), hudson
  • Docbook for doc, xmlmind
  • Misc tools: pmd, findbugs, checkstyle

As there are issues with network connection between Europe and China (too slow), we need to investigate Maven 2 mirroring solutions (at least for binaries).

\ Donggang Cao has been visiting the Bull JOnAS team during one week in Grenoble, in April 2007, and choices about the development tools have been consolidated. \
Zongfu Liu has been visiting the Bull JOnAS team from early May 2007 to end of July 2007, and has set up the Bamboo based JOnAS continuous integration framework.

Thank You