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Meng Jia and Wang Ziyou have studied JOnAS clustering mechanisms. They will provide some new load balancing algorithms. They will also contribute to the CMI re-engineering task. PKU also intends to work on Group Communication layer management; this work will then have to coordinate with the activity of UNIFOR of using a generic layer on top of Group Communication Protocol implementations. There are also two master students in Bull (Ning Zhu and Zhouye Wei) who will work on EJB3 clustering. UPM is working on HA mechanisms at EJB level, they have provided an horizontal replication mechanism in JOnAS 4.8 and are working on a vertical replication mechanism for JOnAS 5, which may use the PKU EJB3 persistence layer. All details (spec, roadmap...) about the JOnAS clustering activity may be found here on the JOnAS wiki. End April, info to be provided about new CMI design to PKU. Work started about re-using mechanisms from the current EJB2-3 PKU container clustering for CMI refactoring, and then identify tasks for PKU to work on it. PKU EJB2-3 source code has been provided to JOnAS team.

Meeting August 8th: First versions of the new CMI have been released. Wang Ziyou has checked it out and will study the code, with the help of Loris Bouzonnet. Ziyou will then study replication pairs mechanisms.

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