JOnAS 5.3.0-M1 : Ready to serve

Apr 08 2011

Hi all

 This is quite a busy week: earlier this week was released JOnAS 5.2.0, the first stable release of the 5.2 series, and today we distribute version 5.3 M1 !

 So, what's">">new in 5.3 ?
First, 5.3 series targets"&">">Java EE 6 web profile : a web oriented subset of the Java EE specifications. During the 5.3 development cycle, we will incrementaly add support for the required specifications. Thanks to the recent Oracle Java EE Licensee Scholarship renewal, we'll have a lot of tests to ensure compliance

JOnAS 5.3 includes an initial support for JSF 2.0 (Mojarra 2), Servlet 3.0 (Tomcat 7) and JAX-WS 2.2 (CXF 2.3). It already have CDI 1.0, JAX-RS 1.1, Bean Validation 1.0, JPA 2.0 and EJB 3.1 preliminary support.

In parallel of the Java EE related work, we've moved away from HSQL to H2 as our default in-memory JDBC database, ensured that JOnAS was running well on Java 7, upgraded our components to their latest versions (Felix 3.2.0, ...) and many more bug fixes...
Last but not least, we have a brand new Web services testing console in jonasAdmin.
See the">">releases notes for details.

As said in a previous mail, we're now using a time boxed release strategy, that means that we will perform a new release each month. So expect regular news from our side (an"&">">RSS feed is available)

As usual, we'll be happy to gather all possible feedback from you.
Please"&">">report bugs on JIRA, or">">discuss on IRC or via"&">">mailing lists.

As usual, 2 distributions are available for download.
JOnAS Full Profile is a full blown Java EE Application Server Platform: Zip / Tgz / Rpm / Installer / Offline Installer
JOnAS Micro Profile is small JOnAS Bootstrap (require an internet connection): Zip / Tgz

Guillaume (on behalf of the JOnAS Team)



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