JOnAS 5.2 M4 released

Feb 15 2011

    Hi JOnAS users,

 We're very pleased to announce the general availability of JOnAS"&">">5.2M4.
This release is"&">">Java EE 5 certified

JOnAS 5.2 M4 is on its way to Java EE 6: CDI / EJB 3.1 Singleton / JPA 2.0 / Bean Validation / JAX-RS 1.1, Servlet 3.0 (+ updated JSP and EL) are supported.
Some nice features were also introduced in this version.

  • The ClassLoader management administration module permits to see application's ClassLoader hierarchies and gives the ability to the user to see from where comes loaded classes/resources (very handy to debug/understand classloader issues).
  • Accessing the OSGi console is now available from jonas-admin web console: managing bundles, inspecting dependencies, OBR usage and more ...

There are also plenty of bug fixes and components upgrades to provides better security, more performances and an always up to date JOnAS experience.

Discover two new HowTo :"&">">Howto for JCDI (new in Java EE 6)"&">">Howto for JAX-RS (new in Java EE 6)

Two profiles for JOnAS 5.2.0-M4 are">">available for download:

JIRA issue tracker instance is available at"&">">"&">"></a&"></a>

Please report issues on this tracker or through the"&">">mailing lists.

Issues fixed for JOnAS 5.2.0 M4




Best Regards,