JOnAS 5.2.0 M3 released

Nov 09 2010

  Hi JOnAS users,

 The JOnAS team is pleased to announce the new JOnAS 5.2.0 Milestone 3 release.

 This release is">Java EE 5 certified and provides you new features and bug fixes since JOnAS 5.2.0 M2 (More than 60 issues closed !)

Two profiles for JOnAS 5.2.0 M3 are">available for download:

JIRA issue tracker instance is available at"&#62;</a&#62;

  • Major new features :
    • Support for Tomcat 7.x
    • Support for Bean Validation (JSR 303)
    • Add support of datasource xml (instead of writing .properties file or .RAR file)
    • Use of JORAM OSGi

Please report issues on this tracker or through the"&#62;mailing lists.

Issues fixed since JOnAS 5.2.0 M2 :



New Feature



Enjoy !


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