JOnAS 5.2.0 M2 released

Jun 08 2010

    Hi JOnAS community,

The whole JOnAS team is pleased to announce a  new milestone of the new JOnAS 5.2 series.
The JOnAS 5.2 series of releases mostly targets Java 6 support and previews of Java EE 6 features as well as additional features.

In a few words, this JOnAS 5.2.0 milestone (M2) provides JAX-WS 2.1 support, comes with an">audit system, supports JPA 2.0 and CDI and some EJB 3.1 singleton feature for users living on the edge and">resolves 33 issues.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback using our">JIRA issue tracker.

Binaries are available, as usual, on the">download page (in the 5.x milestones section).

Documentation has been">updated on site.

In more lengths ...

Java 6

An extra validation effort was put on this release to ensure that JOnAS is running well using JDK6.
The Sun HotSpot and">OpenJDK 6 JVMs have been used during the tests.

Web Services

The move to JAX-WS 2.1 has been the opportunity to upgrade our">Apache CXF to a newer version (2.2.9, the current latest released yesterday)


Try out the new audit system by enabling the audit service in JONAS_BASE/conf/
For EJB events, don't forget to uncomment audit EJB3 component in JONAS_BASE/conf/easybeans-jonas.xml


JPA 2.0 is now provided as a Java EE 6 preview, just set hibernate3.5 or eclipselink2 as persistence provider to activate JPA 2.0 support.
As an experimental feature, JOnAS supports both">OpenJPA1 and 2 providers (openjpa or openjpa2 in the

Still in the JPA area, multiple JPA providers are now supported at the same time, simply set multiple providers names in your
jonas.service.ejb3.jpa.provider hibernate,eclipselink

Context and Dependency Injection">Context and Dependency Injection (lets call it CDI for short) is a brand new Java EE 6 specification. It defines what is a managed beans (not to be confused with MBeans that are JMX management beans) and what can be done with them.
A managed beans supports:
  • a complete, fully annotation based, injection system (@Inject and @Produce). Injected beans can be qualified with user defined annotations so that Client remains cleanly decoupled from implementation details (@Qualifier).
  • the interception model that was so successful for EJB 3.0
  • extensible context aware injection (think of context as JSF scopes: application/session/request) managing injection of the right instance depending on the context.
  • a generic eventing solution decoupling observers from dispatcher (the source)
Read the">JSR 299 specification (don't be afraid it's quite an easy reading) or browse the very informative">JBoss Weld reference implementation web site for more details.
Currently the JOnAS/Weld integration is limited to standalone Web Applications (will be extended to all Java EE module types in future releases).">Checkout the sample source to see the basics of CDI enabled applications.

OSGiTM Framework

With 5.2 M2 it's now far more easier to do advanced OSGi tuning (adding packages to system bundles, setting felix log level, ...).

Theses files are mostly self documented (please raise your voice if you have comments) and should be easy to understand and extends.

Thanks to all developers and contributors for their involvement

See the full releases notes on our web pages:"&#62;</a&#62;