JOnAS 5.1.6 released

Feb 15 2011

    Hi JOnAS users,

 We're very pleased to announce the general availability of JOnAS:"&">">5.1.6
This release is
#34;&">">Java EE 5 certified

JOnAS 5.1.6 is a bug fixes version.
With the correction of"&">">JONAS-104 &"&">">JONAS-315 issues, the migration of J2EE 1.4 applications (with EJB2) is now as simple as dropping your legacy application in the deploy/ folder.
This version also includes a long awaited feature: declaration of filtered packages (to hide system libraries to the application) at the application level (">">See online documentation).

Two profiles for JOnAS 5.1.6 are">">available for download:

An Ubuntu package for Natty Narwhal is being prepared. More news on this"&">">blog entry.

JIRA issue tracker instance is available at"&">">"&">"></a&"></a>

Please report issues on this tracker or through the"&">">mailing lists.

Issues fixed for JOnAS 5.1.6


New Feature

Best Regards,