JOnAS 5.1 M3 available

Feb 13 2009

A new Milestone of the development branch JOnAS 5.1 is available: JOnAS 5.1.0 M3 .

This release is available on the JOnAS Downloads page or with a">JNLP installer .

JOnAS 5.1.0-M3 is distributed as a set of OSGi TM bundles that are deployed on top of the">Apache Felix gateway.
Some information can be found on the">New and noteworthy and the">Getting Started.


New features:

  • Deployment Plans
    • Checksum verification for downloaded Maven 2 artifacts.
    • Better error management: allow redeployment of failed archives and display more meaningful error messages.
    • Support of the JOnAS-Required-Services MANIFEST attribute added in the deployment plans.
  • JAX-WS 2.1 Support
    • Completed support for POJO & EJB enabled endpoints (@WebService & @WebServiceProvider).
    • Partial support of @HandlerChain (server side).
    • Included in the distribution the WSDL2Java & Java2WSDL CXF's Ant tasks ($JOnAS_ROOT/lib/common/).
  • JPA Support
    • Support of persistence-unit-ref element in deployment descriptors.
    • Support of persistence.xml in WebApplications.
  • EJB 3.0 Support
    • Support of message-destination-link element in deployment descriptors.
  • Web Support
    • Honor injection-target for @Resource injection if specified in web.xml.
    • Introduction of a new Tomcat Valve to cleanly close or rollback any started Transaction in a web method.
  • SmartClient Support


  • Clustering guide updates (clusterd).

Bug fixes.

  • JOnAS Admin console: fix issue at startup
  • Dump stack trace feature

Best Regards,

JOnAS Team