JOnAS 5.1.0 RC4 released

Sep 17 2009

Dear JOnAS enthusiasts,

We're pleased to announce the availability of JOnAS 5.1 Release Candidate 4.

This version has been under work during all the summer to provide you the best (and most stable at this time) release of JOnAS 5.1: a large number of project dependencies (Tomcat, EasyBeans, Joram, ...) have been upgraded to include the latest bug fixes, a lot of issues (40+) have been resolved and a particular attention was paid to the new administration web console's user experience. These last months were completely dedicated to the stabilization of our Java EE platform, testing it extensively with multiple OSs and different JVMs in order to guarantee as much as possible a steady release.

This is the last RC on the road to a final release. The team expects to cut the 5.1.0 final version within a couple of weeks.

Two profiles for JOnAS 5.1 RC4 are"5&release_id">available for download: * JOnAS Micro-profile which is a small bootstrap for JOnAS that will download services on demand (An internet connection is required): Zip / Tar.Gz * JOnAS Full-profile which is a full-blown Java EE Application Server : Installer / Zip / Tar.Gz

As usual, the JOnAS team is welcoming all kind of contributions:"100005&group_id" 5&func="browse">bug reports, patches, comments, discussion on mailing lists, ... even congratulations ;)

Enjoy. Guillaume, on behalf of the JOnAS Team

New Features

* A new Izpack installer is provided (online or offline) Easily customize your configuration Generate a JONAS_BASE configuration in one click * The JOnAS Administration web console is now Flash based More Web 2.0 More modular The old, JSP based console is still available (See http://localhost:9000/jonasAdmin/ * IPv6 addresses can be used in the Carol & CMI configuration files (See"5&atid" 100005&func="detail&aid">Bug #31407 &"5&atid" 100005&func="detail&aid">Bug #313996).

Example of IPv6 address: [1fff:0:a88:85a3::ac1f:8001] ([] are REQUIRED)
  • JDBC Connection Leaks detector is available (turned on by default) Output a warning when a Thread doesn't release all used resources AND automatically closes Connections when the application don't do it * On Demand Web Tier The Web Container is only started at the first access on the HTTP port The Web Applications are also only started when the first request is processed (if the 'WEB-INF/jonas-web.xml' contains an flag element) By Default the web application is loaded and available after the deployment


    * Documentation has been completed (ClassLoaders, JaxWs, new features). * JAX-WS Tutorial has been improved (Application Client introduced). * Supports management of the STANDBY mode Master servers can now manage slave instances in standby within the jonasAdmin console * Avoid deploying an archive if the file copy is not finished. * Improved services dependencies (deploying the 'jaxws' service will deploy all required services even theses not present in the services list). * New banner for the 'jonas' shell script: short and easily modifiable.
>$ jonas start OW2 JOnAS 5.1.0-RC4 [ <span class="wikiexternallink"><a class="wikimodel-freestanding" href=""><span class="wikigeneratedlinkcontent"></span></a></span> / ] .....