JOnAS Blog - posts for July 2012

Jul 24 2012

Multitenancy support

Hi all,

This post talks about multitenancy in JOnAS. To meet the new features of cloud computing available soon in Java EE7 and particularly that of multitenancy (sharing an application by several entities called tenants), JOnAS proposes to deploy an instance of the application per tenant in the server. This feature is available in the current SNAPSHOT of JOnAS 5.3.0 M7.

Thus, it will be possible to deploy several instances of the same application in the same JOnAS application server. Each instance is associated to a tenant identified by a unique ID. Application data will be customized per tenant whithout any changes in the application. This allows to isolate tenants in the application server but also in the management console where each administrator has access to the data of its tenant.

For more information, please visit Multitenancy page.