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Nov 14 2012

JOnAS 5.3.0 M7 released

Hi JOnAS users,

We're very pleased to announce the general availability of a new milestone of JOnAS 5.3 : 5.3.0 M7.

New features in this release:

  • OW2 JORAM 5.8.0
  • Tomcat 7.0.27
  • CXF 2.6 
  • new EJB 3.1 features (Access timeouts, @DependsOn for Singleton session beans, Extented Persistence Context, Stateful timeouts, etc... All EJB 3.1 lite features are now supported)
  • new shell (with OW2 shelbie integration) with remote ssh support (JB/conf/
  • new Multitenancy features

There are also plenty of bug fixes and components upgrades : #96 issues closed !

Three profiles are available for download  for JOnAS 5.3.0 M7:

JOnAS Full-profile which is a full-blown Java EE Application Server : ( Java Web Start Installer / Java Offline Installer /Zip / Tgz )

JOnAS Micro-profile which is a small bootstrap for JOnAS that will download services on demand (An internet connection is required): (Zip/Tgz)

JOnAS JAX-RS profile (a new profile in this version) which provides a web container and JAX-RS : (Zip/Tgz)

Remember : If JOnAS ANT tasks are used, note that these tasks are now modular and are only providing tasks for the services included in the assembly.

People may still use now deprecated ANT tasks by using the library JONAS_ROOT/lib/common/ow_jonas_ant_deprecated.jar

JOnAS is also available through maven repositories (OW2 repository and Central repository)

JIRA issue tracker instance is available at

Please report issues on this tracker or through the mailing-list 

Issues fixed for JOnAS 5.3.0 M7


  • [JONAS-259] - [HttpService] getServletContext() returns null when called from GenericServlet.init()
  • [JONAS-543] - JOnAS tests don't pass (neither in JRMP, Java 6 nor IIOP)
  • [JONAS-661] - JDBC Connection auto-close do not work when DataSource is cached
  • [JONAS-716] - Can't start CDI service with tomcat 7 or jetty6/8
  • [JONAS-727] - Cannot start on Java-RTS-2.2
  • [JONAS-767] - Cannot execute Security ANT task when there is no internet connection
  • [JONAS-817] - Can't restart JOnAS with a clusterdaemon instance if a server has been added in the clusterd.conf file (via the cluster daemon api)
  • [JONAS-839] - Cannot create jonas base thru newjb
  • [JONAS-858] - checkServerState method of the clusterdaemon api is not working
  • [JONAS-863] - No ServerXML instances from server under control of the agent and with no executed tasks (after the restart of the agent and before the startup of this managed server)
  • [JONAS-876] - Since the integration of shelbie 2, we can no longer use Felix Shell Remote
  • [JONAS-882] - H2 database configuration file has an invalid commented example for the property 'jonas.service.db.h2.extra-args'
  • [JONAS-884] - EJBs in WAR : PersistenceUnitManager should be shared between the EJB and the Webapp
  • [JONAS-906] - Search Internal JDBC RAR used to build datasource RAR by requesting repositories
  • [JONAS-910] - JOnAS does not work on Java 7 (IIOP)
  • [JONAS-911] - Bad name and version for joram artifacts in jonas ant task jonasbase
  • [JONAS-920] - Upgrade to CXF 2.6.x
  • [JONAS-926] - JSR 77 incompatibility for Web Module: In case of the OSGI HTTP service, the attribute 'javaVMs' of the Context is not setting
  • [JONAS-928] - The jonas-agent build fails since a long time
  • [JONAS-933] - Jetty WebContainer does not corectly undeploy and redeploy
  • [JONAS-934] - NPE when undeploying an xml file
  • [JONAS-937] - AJP configadmin connector seems to open a Http protocol port instead of an AJP one


  • [JONAS-790] - Add support for env-entries lookup-name element (defined in Java EE 6)
  • [JONAS-810] - Store tenantId in deployable
  • [JONAS-811] - Enable adding extension to Monolog
  • [JONAS-812] - Adds a tracker for checking META-INF/ entries in each bundle
  • [JONAS-813] - Change eclipselink.ddl-generation property only if is set to drop and create tables
  • [JONAS-814] - Supports multitenant in Tomcat6
  • [JONAS-816] - Update ow2-bundle.version to 1.0.34
  • [JONAS-831] - JOnAS report should be extensible
  • [JONAS-835] - Multitenancy - Customize MBeans ObjectName
  • [JONAS-838] - Update jersey.version to 1.9.1
  • [JONAS-842] - Allow to set max number of events to keep in memory
  • [JONAS-843] - Update joram.version to 5.8.0
  • [JONAS-849] - Allow to use the REST api without define the agent in the topology file
  • [JONAS-851] - [ANT] Allow to skip the copy of template deployables into the new JOnAS instance
  • [JONAS-854] - TenantId LoginModule
  • [JONAS-860] - Allow to get the last generated report if the server is not running.
  • [JONAS-861] - Allow to stop all starting or running server when the agent-management api is shutdown
  • [JONAS-862] - Deletion of the ServerXML object (in memory) when its associated JOnAS instance is delete
  • [JONAS-864] - Allow to check the state of a managed server even if no associated process have been registered
  • [JONAS-870] - TenantId JNDI interceptor
  • [JONAS-893] - Generation of addon metadata using JAXB
  • [JONAS-894] - Deployment of an addon containing an application
  • [JONAS-895] - Addon of multitenant service
  • [JONAS-900] - Only creates a source assembly on release
  • [JONAS-923] - DataSource, XA and ConnectionPool ManagedConnectionFactory should support configuration through an URL
  • [JONAS-927] - Stop EJB3 container when undeploying a WAR containing an EJB component

New Feature

  • [JONAS-113] - Integrate a RFC-147 Command service in place of the Felix TUI and GUI
  • [JONAS-818] - Provide an iPOJO interceptor for the reporting of iPOJO instances
  • [JONAS-819] - Addition of a DB MBean
  • [JONAS-820] - Addition of a SSH MBean
  • [JONAS-821] - Send OSGi event when the state of a deployable is updated
  • [JONAS-822] - Provide a JOnAS Report service
  • [JONAS-823] - Allow to generate a JOnAS report through the Clusterdaemon
  • [JONAS-824] - Addition of a event (log, exceptions) handler
  • [JONAS-825] - Provide an Endpoint collector
  • [JONAS-826] - Provide EndpointBuilder extensions
  • [JONAS-833] - Allow to generate JOnAS reports via the REST API
  • [JONAS-836] - MBeanServer proxy
  • [JONAS-845] - Addition of an iPOJO factories report extension
  • [JONAS-846] - Addition of an iPOJO handlers report extension
  • [JONAS-847] - Provide Bundles report extension
  • [JONAS-866] - Allow to check if a server is managed by the clusterdaemon
  • [JONAS-871] - Provide a WADL for the agent management REST api of the agent
  • [JONAS-873] - Allows to override XML version of web.xml
  • [JONAS-874] - Allows to use @ServletSecurity(@HttpConstraint(EmptyRoleSemantic.DENY))
  • [JONAS-875] - Updates Apache Tomcat to 7.0.27
  • [JONAS-896] - Packaging service
  • [JONAS-922] - Support of DatasourceDefinition(s) annotations


  • [JONAS-98] - Speed up the build process
  • [JONAS-798] - Update Persistence Provider EclipseLink v1.x to 1.1.4
  • [JONAS-799] - Update Persistence Provider EclipseLink v2.2.x to 2.2.2
  • [JONAS-800] - Update Persistence Provider EclipseLink v2.3.x to 2.3.2
  • [JONAS-808] - Is an application multitenant
  • [JONAS-844] - Upgrade to CXF 2.5.3
  • [JONAS-856] - Upgrade to Spring 3.1.1
  • [JONAS-857] - Upgrade to CXF 2.5.3
  • [JONAS-868] - Upgrade to Weld 1.1.7
  • [JONAS-878] - Upgrade to Apache Felix iPOJO 1.8.2
  • [JONAS-889] - Upgrade to Shelbie 2.0 M2
  • [JONAS-897] - Upgrade to Apache Felix iPOJO 1.8.2
  • [JONAS-898] - Switch to iPOJO Bnd Plugin 1.8.4
  • [JONAS-907] - Packaging maven plugin
  • [JONAS-913] - Bind tenantId in EJB java:comp/ context
  • [JONAS-915] - Access to target MBeanServer from InvocationContext


  • [JONAS-612] - Provides an addon for jtm service
  • [JONAS-613] - Provides an addon for db-h2 service
  • [JONAS-617] - Provides an addon for resource service
  • [JONAS-630] - Provides an addon for ear service
  • [JONAS-827] - Provide DB EndpointBuilder extension
  • [JONAS-828] - Provide Web EndpointBuilder extension
  • [JONAS-829] - Provide SSH EndpointBuilder extension
  • [JONAS-830] - Provide Smartclient EndpointBuilder extension
  • [JONAS-904] - Provides an addon for packaging service
  • [JONAS-905] - Provides an addon for jms-joram service