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Jun 23 2011

JOnAS 5.3.0 M3 released

    Hi JOnAS users,

 We're very pleased to announce the general availability of a new milestone of JOnAS 5.3 :"&">">5.3.0 M3.
New features on this release are focusing OSGi features.
Now, you can configure your OSGi components by dropping a configadmin file in JONAS_BASE/deploy. (see
Also, OSGi JDBC Factories are now provided ("&">"></a&"></a&#62. Enable "dbm" service and all JDBC drivers that are found will have an OSGi JDBC Factory service registered. Then you can create Datasources with this service. And the JTA is also provided as an OSGi service. (UserTransaction, TransactionManager and TransactionSynchronizationRegistry are provided)

There are also plenty of bug fixes and components upgrades to provide better security, more performances and an always up to date JOnAS experience.

Two profiles for JOnAS 5.3.0 M3 are">">available for download:

JIRA issue tracker instance is available at"&">">"&">"></a&"></a>

Please report issues on this tracker or through the"&">">mailing-list

Issues fixed for JOnAS 5.3.0 M3



New Feature


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JOnAS 5.2.1 released

   Hi all

We're very pleased to announce a maintenance release of JOnAS 5.2.x :">"&">">">5.2.1.

Two JOnAS 5.2.1 distributions are">">">">available for download:

The JIRA issue tracker instance is available at">"&">">">">"&">">">"></a&">"></a>

Please report issues on this tracker or through the">"&">">">mailing lists



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