The subject of this working group is about the integration of ESB technologies with the JO2nAS application server. Zhao Dong, a master student at PKU will study the integration with Petals, the ObjectWeb JBI implementation.


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A fruitful jabber conference held on March 6th between Dong Zhao (PKU), Adrien Louis (EBM), Gael Blondelle (EBM) and Fran├žois Exertier (Bull) has conducted to the following result:

The key aspect of the integration of JO2nAS with Petals will be the new OSGi based services architecture. First step: JO2nAS needs to provide a JBI container, to achieve this goal, Petals should be packaged as a JO2nAS service within an (or several) OSGi bundle (this corresponds to the first step we did with JOnAS and ServiceMix). Second step: Petals may also be considered as a set of basic services, some of them relying on some resources provided by JO2nAS, so why not decomposing Petals into a set of OSGi bundles, some of them, like the JORAM one, may be common with JO2nAS; this way, JO2nAS becomes not only a Java EE platform, but also a JBI infrastructure.

EBM Websourcing has already discussed about an OSGi version of PETALS, for other projects (related to JASMINE for instance).

So Zhao Dong's master dissertation subject could be:

  • Dong to learn about Petals code (with the help of Petals team/Adrien),
  • Dong to learn about OSGi-ification of JOnAS 5 (with the help of Yifei and Guillaume)
  • Dong to bundle-ize Petals

Details about this work will be available on Petals wiki pages, here \
Dong has provided an OSGI version of PEtALS (in June) that can run on top of any OSGI implementation.

Thank You