JOnAS Day 4.8

JOnAS Day 3 (January 16th & 18th, 2007)

Join us for a seminar designed to give you a real world perspective on leveraging the JOnAS 4.8 application server for your enterprise-class applications. This session will highlight JOnAS new functionalities, next releases, and best practices in implementation.


From portals to ESB, application servers are at the heart of next generation computing. JOnAS, the Java Open Application Server from ObjectWeb, offers a unique alternative for deploying truly open, robust and enterprise-class J2EE applications. Developed by a broad international community, JOnAS 4.8, will be released by year end 2006, offering strong innovations in clustering and EJB3 support. This JOnAS DAY will help you discover how to leverage JOnAS 4.8, and foresee how the future R5 release of JOnAS will help you boost your J2EE applications.

With this JOnAS Day, you will:

  • Understand how to deploy open, secure and robust applications with JOnAS.
  • Get advanced information about R5, the JOnAS next generations release coming out in 2007.
  • Network with experts and developers to share expertise, insights and best practices.
  • Meet the team that leads the JOnAS Project.
  • Discover the ObjectWeb middleware ecosystem around JOnAS (Orchestra BPEL engine, Bonita workflow, Exo portal and ECM, NovaStudio IDE for Eclipse, Petals ESB, etc.)

For Who

JOnAS Day events are targeted for developers, designers, and architects wishing to discover the latest and future JOnAS functionalities, and to share best practices in implementation.


The agenda will feature:

Morning sessions

  • Introduction & JOnAS roadmap
  • New features and innovations in JOnAS 4.8 release:
    • Clustering: dynamic cluster, enhancements in newjc for generating an entire cluster configuration, EJB replication with the horizontal approach, cluster management & monitoring, cluster registry view, cluster daemon, remote control from the JOnAS Admin console & the command, monitoring.
    • Thread Management Framework
    • Fractal Deployment Framework
    • JORAM enhancements
    • Export & dynamic reload of the JMS objects configuration o EJB Timers

Afternoon sessions

  • Easybeans : the simplest way to benefit from the power of Java EE 5.0!
    • Last news on Easybeans o EJB3 vs EJB2: application development comparison with EasyBeans
  • JOnAS and its middleware ecosystem:
    • The different JORAM integration architectures o News capabilities for integrating Websphere MQ and JOnAS o From application servers to SOA, leveraging the JOnAS ecosystem: Orchestra BPEL engine, Bonita workflow, Exo portal and ECM, NovaStudio IDE for Eclipse, Petals ESB, etc.


January 16th, 2007 Bull Echirolles, 1, rue de provence 38430 Echirolles Check out the Access Map


January 18th, 2007 LINAGORA, 27 rue de Berri 75008 PARIS 1st floor

Check out the Access Map