IDE Support

OW2 JOnAS IDE Support

JOPE (JOnAS Plugin for Eclipse)

JOPE is the official Eclipse Server adapter for JOnAS.
  • Project site
  • Environment
  • JOnAS integration
    • Manages JOnAS 4.x/5.x servers: start/stop/debug
    • Configures easily JOnAS servers (server name, port, …)
  • Easy development of Java EE applications
    • Java EE applications developed as Eclipse projects
    • Automatically performs packaging and deployment of applications on a JOnAS server
    • Supports hot deployment of WEB and EJB applications
      • Significantly reduces development times

Eclipse update site:


JOnbAS (JOnAS plug-in for NetBeans)

JOnbAS is the official NetBeans plugin for JOnAS.
  • Project site
  • Requirements
  • Features
    • Starting and stopping the server
    • Java and JSP debugging
    • Generating the default server specific deployment descriptors
    • Deploying, undeploying the Web, EJB and EAR modules
    • Browsing the deployed WAR, EJB and EAR modules
    • Using "deploy on save" option with partial deployment.