Multitenancy prototype


To manually deploy the same application for two tenants (T1, T2) on a shared JOnAS. This step aims to identify changes to be made on the AS to isolate the contexts.

Tenant folder structure


  • Web, ejb3 components
  • JPA persistence

    Note : JPA persistence is implemented natively in JOnAS by adding the provider (eclipselink2.3) definition in No need to patch JOnAS with eclipselink


  • jonas-full-5.3.0-M6
  • 2 projects :
    • javaee5-earsampleT1
    • javaee5-earsampleT2


When we have a new tenant, we have to :
  • create a directory in $JONAS_BASE which contains elements to deploy (.ear, datasource, connectors ...)
  • add the deployment plan in $JONAS_BASE/deploy
  • define a private repository url for each tenant in $JONAS_BASE/deploy
    • $JONAS_BASE/repositoryT1
    • $JONAS_BASE/repositoryT2
  • create HTTP connector per tenant
  • create Datasource per tenant
  • activate Java security to ban creation of files, sockets, threads ...
  • Customize the application
    • Define the tenantId in persistence.xml
    • Costumize the url of each tenant in web.xml


  • Customize the ear name for each tenant :
<jonas:ear dest="${ear.dir}/javaee5-earsampleT1.ear"/>
  • Set the property
<property name="dist.repo.dir" value="${jonas.base}/repositoryT1" />


  • Customize the JNDI name :
<jta-data-source> jdbc_javaee5-earsample-T1 </jta-data-source>
  • add properties
<property name="eclipselink.tenant-id" value="T1" />
<property name="eclipselink.logging.level" value="FINE" />
<property name="eclipselink.logging.logger" value="ServerLogger" />
  • for the tenant T2, replace drop-and-create-tables option by create-tables (use the same database).


  • Customize the context root : T1/javaee5-earsample


  • Customize the JNDI name (the same as in persistence.xml) "jdbc_javaee5-earsample-T1"


  • Customize the JNDI name "SampleQueue-javaee5-earsample-T1"
  • Edit the file and customize the name.
  • Edit the file and customize the name in @Ressource. Customize JQCF (JQCF-T1)

HTTP connectors

  • Add the file tomcat7-server.xml
    • Port 9100 in HTTP and 9101 in AJP for T1
    • Port 9200 in HTTP and 9201 in AJP for T2


  • Add a new realm "memrlm_T1" whith user T1 and group groupT1
  • Same thing for T2
  • Add the file context.xml in etc/META-INF and set the realm


  • disabling remote interfaces
  • Setting of mappedname