Migration Guide (4.x to 5.x)

Here are listed some of the differences between JOnAS 5 and JOnAS 4.8 we have to be aware of.

Building, structure of JOnAS

  • the building process has changed -> Maven is used
  • JOnAS has been completly refactored the name of the packages has changed.
  • the structure of a JONAS_ROOT has changed:
    • the old examples has been removed: only JEE 5 examples are kept with one JEE 4 example.


  • container EJB 3
  • new services wm,depmonitor
  • Tomcat 6 used
  • new deployment policy
  • newjb uses new ant tasks for generating a JONAS_BASE
  • service jms don't exist anymore -> use resource service instead


  • jonas.properties -> new services: wm,ejb3,ejb2
  • server.xml, context.xml, web.xml doesn't exist anymore and replaced by tomcat6-server.xml, tomcat6-context.xml, tomcat6-web.xml
  • JONAS_BASE/deploy new directory for deployment.