JOnAS is an open source project developed within the OW2 consortium. As such, it benefits from a large developers community. The contributors are listed in the contributors page. Please contact us if someone is missing.


Mailing Lists

The main list is jonas::at::ow2::dot::org, and subscription can be done by entering a mail address on the following form :

General mailing lists

List Description Subscribe Unsubscribe Archives
jonas-announce Stay tuned on JOnAS versions/events (Low traffic) Subscribe Unsubscribe Sympa
jonas General JOnAS mailing list. (Main list) Subscribe Unsubscribe Sympa
jonas-de JOnAS German Mailing List. Subscribe Unsubscribe Sympa
jonas-fr JOnAS French Mailing list. Subscribe Unsubscribe Sympa

Technical mailing lists

List Description Subscribe Unsubscribe Archives
jonas-team JOnAS team mailing list (technical discussions). Subscribe Unsubscribe Sympa
jonas-bugs JOnAS Issues are reported here. Subscribe Unsubscribe Sympa
jonas-commits JOnAS SVN Commits. Subscribe Unsubscribe Sympa
jonas-doc-commits JOnAS Documentation CVS Commits Mailing List. Subscribe Unsubscribe Sympa

Growing the community

Following up the ObjectWeb/OrientWare collaboration, teams developing the ObjectWeb/JOnAS application server and the OrientWare/PKUAS application server have decided to merge their efforts to build a common middleware platform. Below the picture of people from CVICSE, Bull and Peking University at the ObjectWeb/OrientWare meeting of September 19th 2006. 

Liu Zongfu (CVICSE, Manager), Liu Jiangning (CVICSE, General Manager), François Exertier (Bull, JOnAS Project Manager), Jean-Pierre Laisné (Bull, Open Source Manager), Prof. Hong Mei (PKU Dean), Dr. Zhou Minghui (PKU, PKUAS Project Manager)

Thank You