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JOnAS 5.2.4 released

Hi all

We're very pleased to announce a maintenance release of JOnAS 5.2.x

Two JOnAS 5.2.4 distributions are available for download

This release is JDK 7 compliant.

The JIRA issue tracker instance is available at

Please report issues on this tracker or through the


  • [JONAS-732] - Cannot build jonas_5_2 branch with an empty maven repository
  • [JONAS-741] - The built-in JMX browser of jonasAdmin invokes mbean methods twice
  • [JONAS-805] - classloader monitoring : archive name will not display when exploded archive is used
  • [JONAS-933] - Jetty WebContainer does not corectly undeploy and redeploy
  • [JONAS-944] - The -s option for the joram_raconfig.bat script sets JORAM hostname instead of JORAM serverid

New Feature

  • [JONAS-471] - Unable to define many instances of an adminobject for the same definition in ra.xml
  • [JONAS-947] - Allow to define multiple jonas-adminobject element of each adminobject type in jonas-ra.xml