JOnAS 5.3.0 RC1 released

Hi JOnAS users,


We're very pleased to announce the general availability of the first JOnAS 5.3 release candidate: 5.3.0 RC1.

New features in this release since the last milestone:We're also very proud to announce that this version is the first JOnAS version to be certified Java EE 6 Web Profile compatible (see Oracle's compatibility page for details about the certified configuration).

  • CXF 2.7.1 
  • Full CDI support for Java EE 6 Web Profile features
  • Support of Java EE Managed Beans

There are also bug fixes and components upgrades!

Three profiles are available for download  for JOnAS 5.3.0 RC1:

  • JOnAS Full edition which is a full-blown Java EE Application Server : ( Java Web Start Installer / Java Offline Installer /Zip / Tgz )
  • JOnAS Micro edition which is a small bootstrap for JOnAS that will download services on demand (An internet connection is required): (Zip/Tgz)
  • JOnAS JAX-RS edition which provides a web container and JAX-RS : (Zip/Tgz)

Remember : If JOnAS ANT tasks are used, note that these tasks are now modular and are only providing tasks for the services included in the assembly.

People may still use now deprecated ANT tasks by using the library JONAS_ROOT/lib/common/ow_jonas_ant_deprecated.jar

JOnAS is also available through maven repositories (OW2 repository and Central repository)

JIRA issue tracker instance is available at

Please report issues on this tracker or through the mailing-list 

Issues fixed for JOnAS 5.3.0 RC1


  • [JONAS-739] - At restart, the metadata Require-JOnAS-Services is not read again
  • [JONAS-837] - JonAS server cannot reach RUNNING state after restart
  • [JONAS-865] - When JOnAS is stopping, depmonitor try to start OSGi deployable (with a INSTALLED or RESOLVED state) to undeploy
  • [JONAS-877] - JOnAS starts only once after installation
  • [JONAS-880] - The Tomcat 7 OSGi HTTPService's unregister method fails for servlets registered before versioning was made active
  • [JONAS-944] - The -s option for the joram_raconfig.bat script sets JORAM hostname instead of JORAM serverid
  • [JONAS-948] - Default java:* lookup namespaces not always working
  • [JONAS-951] - A customer IDeployable new type not properly taken into account in the deployable monitor and in the addon system
  • [JONAS-952] - Sometime, when an addon contains a new deployer implementation and a deployable application, the deployable application could not be deployed.


  • [JONAS-855] - Update ow2-util-plugin version to 1.0.36
  • [JONAS-943] - Support User to Role mapping within JOnAS specific Web Application deployment descriptor (jonas-web.xml)
  • [JONAS-945] - Upgrade to CXF 2.7.1
  • [JONAS-953] - overload the List<IDeploymentReport> doDeploy(final IDeployable<IAddonDeployable> deployable) method in order to fix erros dependencies when we try to deploy several interdependant addons.
  • [JONAS-954] - Check addon requirements



  • [JONAS-940] - Upgrade Weld to V 1.1.10.Final