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JOnAS 5.1.7 released

Hi all

We're very pleased to announce a maintenance release of JOnAS 5.1.x

Two JOnAS 5.1.7 distributions are available for download

The JIRA issue tracker instance is available at

Please report issues on this tracker or through the mailing lists.

Release Notes - JOnAS - Version JOnAS 5.1.7


  • [JONAS-292] - Deployed bundles disappear completely from all of J2EEServer lists OR are still shown as deployable instead of deployed
  • [JONAS-309] - Missing check in JManagedConnection.remove()
  • [JONAS-320] - Dependency injection of EJB in Servlet is not working with Jetty
  • [JONAS-327] - NPE if an invalid file (does not exist) is given to ClientContainer
  • [JONAS-385] - Wrong exception is thrown when JMX is secured with JAAS authorization
  • [JONAS-395] - Bad undeployment of a rar stops jonas Admin console deployment (with jonas.development=false)
  • [JONAS-407] - Pstmt cache doesn't support multiple entries in resource service
  • [JONAS-503] - The iTests :: OSGi :: Felix tests fail because JOnAS is stopped too soon
  • [JONAS-888] - Invalid classPath entries in modules should be ignored by WSGen


  • [JONAS-879] - Prefer the DeployableHelper OSGi service in the J2EEServer service

Best regards,

The JOnAS team.