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JOnAS 5.3.0-M1 : Ready to serve

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JOnAS 5.2.0 : Ready to roll

Hi all

We're very pleased to announce the release of JOnAS 5.2.0 Final.
This version is the first stable release of the JOnAS 5.2 serie.

We've made some changes to ensure that this version will run nicely on Java 7.
Tomcat 7 integration issues have been fixed as well as other small bug fixes.

Two JOnAS 5.2.0 distributions are available for download

The JIRA issue tracker instance is available at

Please report issues on this tracker or through the mailing lists

Guillaume (On behalf of the JOnAS Team)


  • [JONAS-371] - Unable to execute Java EE sample on JDK7
  • [JONAS-382] - WebServices / Tomcat7
  • [JONAS-383] - With tomcat7, jsp-file check is invalid for Web-App with a 2.2 DTD
  • [JONAS-385] - Wrong exception is thrown when JMX is secured with JAAS authorization


  • [JONAS-375] - Update OW2 EasyBeans to 1.2.0