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JOnAS 5.1 RC3 available

   Dear JOnAS enthusiasts,

A new Release Candidate of the development branch JOnAS 5.1 is available: JOnAS 5.1.0 RC3.

This release is available on the">download page.

JOnAS 5.1.0-RC3 is distributed as a set of OSGiTM bundles that are deployed on top of the">Apache Felix gateway.
Some information can be found on the">New and noteworthy and the">Getting Started.

Components upgrade:

New features:

  • Add support for on demand loading of web applications
     This feature allows to start the web container when a request is done on the HTTP port.
    It also provides the start of the .war file when its associated /context is accessed by HTTP with a browser
  • Add support on EJBs (2.x/3.0) and Servlets for the detection of JDBC connection leaks (automated closing available)
  • JOnAS Admin console
    • Support management of ejb modules with the same names, but different parents
    • Support administration of cluster daemons
      • Display basic informations on each cluster daemon (name, state, controlled server's,...)


  • Introduction of JOnAS Profiles
    • The full profile which replaces the standard assembly
    • First prototype of the micro JOnAS profile
      • Subset of JOnAS components (OSGi platform, deployment facilities, extension capability)
      • Configured by default with the 'depmonitor' service
  • Improved support of @OSGiResource on servlets
  • JOnAS command refactoring
 'jonas halt' command becomes deprecated and has been replaced by the traditional 'jonas stop' command
  • The 'deploy' directory includes now deployment plans which reference JOnAS applications (jonasAdmin.xml, joram.xml, ...)
  • The resource service deploys JDBC resource adapters during the service startup (RARs no more located in the 'deploy' directory)
  • Deployment plan: order deployments of deployment plan at JOnAS startup (repositories before resources)
  • JOnAS deployers (and thus their associated services) are now automatically started depending on the deployed archives.
 Services dynamically started are: ejb2, ejb3, web, resource and ear
  • JOnAS Admin console
    • Server's monitoring charts are more dynamical.
  • Newjc tool
    • Install clustering examples in the deploy directory of each server when the cluster is generated.
    • Integrate "ondemand" feature in the configuration of each server.

Bug fixes

  • #313327 #313553 #313597
  • Clustering:
    • CMI servers didn't use the distributed registry to retrieve objects that are not declared as clustered
    • CMI clients with a local registry could not bind objects when using a CMI context
    • A default protocol for CMI client was required even if only one protocol was defined
    • Repair ejb3 clustering that was broken
Best Regards,
 JOnAS Team

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