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Dec 12 2008

JOnAS 5.1 M2 available

A new Milestone of the development branch JOnAS 5.1 is available: JOnAS 5.1.0 M2.

This release is available on the OW2 forge">download page or with a">JNLP installer.

JOnAS 5.1.0-M2 is distributed as a set of OSGiTM bundles that are deployed on top of the">Apache Felix gateway.
Some information can be found on the">New and noteworthy and the">Getting Started.


New features:

  • Dump Threads Stack Trace
  • Web Container
    • Support of @RunAs annotations on web components (Servlet)
  • JAX-WS 2.0
    • Apache Axis2 1.3 has been integrated as a JAX-WS 2.x Provider. It currently supports:
      • POJO and EJB exposition as WebServices
      • @HandlerChain resolution
    • Apache CXF 2.0.9 improvements
      • @WebServiceRef are supported for all potential clients (EJBs, Web applications using Tomcat and Application clients)
      • Annotated POJO (@WebServices running in web container) supported
      • Retrieving endpoint's WSDL from URL is now supported (URL must ends with ?WSDL, as usual)
    • SAAJ 1.3
      • Use SAAJ 1.3 RI from Sun
  • Deployment Plans
    • Resource resolving optimized when the resource URL is local
  • EasyBeans 1.1.0-M3-JONAS
    • Improved support for EJB 2.1 Session Beans: ejbCreate() method is now supoprted
  • Clustering
    • Update to JGroups 2.6.7.GA
    • New cluster example for javaee 5 (sampleCluster3)
  • Logging
    • Do not fail (and stop JOnAS' startup sequence) when the log configuration is invalid (


  • New clustering guide
  • OW2 JOnAS' ClassLoaders documentation has been improved to explain delegation and OSGi rules

Bug fixes.

  • Deployment plans: fix issue during deployment of URL resources
  • Allow to start a JOnAS server on Windows if the JONAS_ROOT directory path contains whitespaces

Best Regards,

JOnAS Team