Package org.objectweb.jonas.resource

Interface Summary
JmxResourceAdapterMBean MBean interface for general Resource Management MBean type: Standard MBean model: delegate
ResourceService JCA resource service implmentation
ResourceServiceImplMBean MBean Interface for Resource Service Management MBean type: Standard MBean model: Inheritance (ResourceServiceImpl)
SQLManager SQL Manager to be used with PreparedStatment

Class Summary
ArchiveConfigMBean A generic archive configuration MBean class which provides the ability to extract an XML configuration file from an archive (jar/war/ear/rar) as either a Document or as a String of XML.
ConnectionManagerImpl Description of the ConnectionManagerImpl
JCAActivationSpec MBean class for JCA ActivationSpec Management
JCAAdminObject MBean class for JCA AdminObject Management
JCAConnectionFactory MBean class for JCA Connection Factory Management
JCAConnectionFactoryMBean Allow creation of a model MBean instance to registered in the MBean server.
JCAManagedConnectionFactory MBean class for JCA ManagedConnection Factory Management
JCAResource MBean class for JCA Resource Management
JmxResourceAdapter MBean class for general Resource Management MBean type: Standard MBean model: delegate
JonasSQLWrapper SQL Connection Wrapper
LocalXAWrapper A LocalXAWrapper that intercepts the XA calls for an RAR that only supports LocalTransactions and translates them to the appropriate Local Transaction methods.
MCInfo A ManagedConnection and its Information
MySynchro This class is an implementation of the Synchronization interface, used by a ConnectionManagerImpl instance.
PreparedStatementWrapper This class PreparedStatementWrapper wrapp an SQL PreparedStatement
Rar Rar object
RarConfigMBean A RAR specific MBean which provides the schemas and EntityResolver needed to validate a jonas-ra.xml file or an ra.xml file.
ResourceAdapter MBean class for ResourceAdapter management
ResourceAdapterModule MBean class for ResourceAdapterModule management
ResourceBootstrapContext This class implements the BootstrapContext interface of the Connector Architecture 1.5 specification.
ResourceServiceImpl JCA resource service implmentation
ResourceSpec This class describes the context of a getConnection call: - the mcf to request a ManagedConnection - the security subject - the ConnectionRequestInfo transmitted with the request
ResourceUtility ResourceUtility class

Exception Summary
ResourceServiceException The class ResourceServiceException that indicates conditions that a reasonable application might want to catch.