Howto: Installing the packaging JOnAS with a web container
(JOnAS/Tomcat or JOnAS/Jetty) from scratch

This guide provides instructions for installing JOnAS (with a web container already included) from scratch.

The content is organized into the following steps:

  1. J2SE SDK 1.4 installation
  2. ANT 1.6 installation
  3. JOnAS/ Web Container installation
  4. Setup
  5. Starting JOnAS and running examples

J2SE SDK 1.4 installation

Download the binary version of a J2SE SDK 1.4 from the java Sun web site into the appropriate directory. Launch the executable file:

./j2sdk-1_<version number>-<system>.bin for Unix
./j2sdk-1_<version number>-<system>.sh for Linux
j2sdk-1_<version number>-windows-i586.exe for Windows

Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable and update the path:

export JAVA_HOME=<Installation Directory>
PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH (on Windows : PATH=%JAVA_HOME%/bin;%PATH%)

ANT 1.6 installation

Download the binary version of Ant 1.6 from the Ant Apache web site. Untar or Unzip it into the appropriate directory:

tar -jxvf apache-ant-1.6.1-bin.tar.bz2
(or unzip

Set the ANT_HOME environment variable and update the path:

export ANT_HOME=<Installation Directory>
PATH=$PATH;$ANT_HOME/bin (on Windows : PATH=%ANT_HOME%/bin;%PATH%)

Download bcel-5.1.tar.gz from the Jakarta web site and install bcel-5.1.jar in the directory $ANT_HOME/lib.

JOnAS/Web Container installation

Download the binary version of JOnAS with Tomcat or Jetty from the ObjectWeb forge web site.
Choose a location for the JOnAS installation.
Be aware that if you have already installed a previous version of JOnAS in this location, the new installation will overwrite the existing files, thus customized configuration files may be lost. Therefore, it is prudent to save these files before starting the installation process.
The installation process consists of untaring the downloaded file.
Change to the directory in which JOnAS will be installed and untar this file, using
the tar -zxvf jonas.tgz command. Note that this file can be opened with winzip on Windows.
After installing the JOnAS product, set the following environment variable:

export JONAS_ROOT = <Installation Directory>
PATH = $JONAS_ROOT/bin/unix:$PATH (on Windows: PATH=%JONAS_ROOT%/bin/nt;%PATH%)


Before using JOnAS, complete the following setup activities:

Starting JOnAS and running some examples

If the Setup step has not been completed as described, JOnAS may not work.
Use the command jonas check to verify that the environment is correct.

If the environment is correct, JOnAS is ready to use.
Do a jonas start, then use a browser to go http://localhost:9000/. (Modify this url with the appropriate hostname.)
From the root context in which JOnAS was deployed, you can execute the earsample, access the JOnAS administration application, as well as perform other functions.