What is JOnAS ?

JOnAS is a leading edge Java EE 6 Web Profile certified Open Source OSGi Enterprise Server developed by Bull and OW2.

The License used by JOnAS is the LGPL.

Download the last datasheet here.



The OW2 development community includes many academic institutes (Grenoble University, INRIA, LIFL, Peking University, UPM, ...) working with JOnAS; this fastens technology transfers and make JOnAS a top level product in term of technology innovation.

  • JOnAS 5 is designed with an OSGiTM based services architecture to provide a dynamically adaptable application server
  • JOnAS implements the full Java EE 6 Web Profile execution stack and provides, with EasyBeans, an efficient, pluggable and easy to use EJB3 container
  • The OW2 JASMINe project contains tools for creating, deploying and monitoring JOnAS clusters; it will include self-management features

Read the White Paper for details about these aspects.

OW2 JOnAS 5.3 is Java EE 6 Web Profile certified. Download it here. Reports issues on the JIRA instance.

Enterprise Class

JOnAS is a mature project (started in 1998), providing a production ready application server, already used within many critical operational applications.

  • JOnAS provides top level clustering mechanisms to ensure scalability and high availability
  • JOnAS' high level Management features satisfy professional SI administrators
  • Integration to the Enterprise SI is enabled through many mechanisms like Web Services, Java EE Connectors, LDAP access, IIOP, Websphere MQ connector, ...
  • JOnAS 5 runs on top of an OSGi architecture, rendering trivial the integration of existing OSGi and iPOJO components
  • Plugins for many IDEs make development on top of JOnAS easy
  • Professional Support is available from Bull

Custom made vs on-the-shelf application server

Meet the users' needs
Through a survey of the community launched in the second half of 2005, JOnAS team gathered the user requirements before defining the new application server generation architecture. In result, the R5 fits with your needs. For example, JOnAS 5 is based on OSGi and all JOnAS services are OSGi bundles. Moreover, Easybeans/EJB3 container provides a dynamic module reloading system for simplifying application development. Taking into account user requirements is part of the JOnAS development process.
Developments priority
The JOnAS development is standard driven but as far as possible the roadmap is refined according to the most required features.
Twice a year, a new JOnAS release is delivered with the last enhancements ensuring a quick availability of the functionnalities with highest priorities.

Support for SOA

JOnAS is the basis of a more global middleware suite delivered within OW2. It is the cornerstone of the Service Oriented Architecture, which includes other famous OW2 projects like the workflow manager Bonita, the BPEL engine Orchestra or the portal eXo Platform.

Based on OSGi, JOnAS can also integrate many other existing SOA components natively. Thus, the EIP framework Apache Camel is embedded in the JOnAS-Camel package for providing a powerful and flexible ESB solution and the Drools Rules Engine is plugged on the platform in the JASMINe project.